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I sometimes come across stuff on the web that catches my eye

double rainbow.... two pots of gold?


The idler book of * jobs


Sit at the Royal Festival Hall








Christmas singing from Lent Rise Combined School


Ultralab Christmas Party 2004


Moving house...Kiwi style

From Paul Rodley, Christ's College, NZ.... thanks Paul...

Paul is a really great person, and good mate now. We met on my recent trip to New Zealand. He is an ICT teacher, technology fanatic and passionate teacher. He's also a great tour guide.... he took Richard, Kris and I into the mountains and through Arthur's Pass - superb!

Anyway... here's how the Kiwi's move house....!


The Human Clock

Found this link to this rather fun site called the Human Clock. This site displays the current time through the use of photographs, each photograph containing a different time of the day....cunning.

What is the time?

This reminds me of...

great isn't it.... Matt and I have our own idea for a human clock... anyone interested?


Flying to NZ: in for the long haul

Started to think about this long haul flighty thing to New Zealand.... and how best to prepare for it.... I've done some reading and I reckon I have the best advice going, I began with arguably the best guide to long haul flights and also read Surviving a long haul flight ... and then became amazingly thankful that I didn't have to read this Long Haul Flights with Small Children, Babies.

I was babysitting my 8 month old nephew, Max, on Saturday night.... it wasn't so bad (!) ;-)

Still unsure whether turning up at the airport unbelievably tired is a good strategy - the idea being that I will sleep most of the 23 hour flight. Thoughts?


...three rules for a night out

Went out with a bunch of teachers from Westlands Community Primary School, some new, some old, some very old (Andy!) Had a great time catching up with my mates, but also meeting new people. Noteably they were ALL young, excited and enthusiastic about teaching (I remember those days!)

Interestingly, one knew an aweful lot about me, was a bit scary, but it transpired that she'd done her research by reading my web page which is....erm...about me.

Whilst relieving myself in the Gents, I happened to do some reading of my own. Directly in front were three rules - thought the third was a bit bizarre.....

  1. Never leave your drink unattended (that's a good plan.... you wouldn't want someone to drink it for you, would you?)
  2. If your drink tastes different - leave it (you might wanna just check you picked up your glass)
  3. If, after a couple of drinks, you begin to feel a bit drunk - seek help (erm.....yes, ok then.... but don't people start feeling like that after consuming alcoholic beverages?)

.... was a good night tho, apart from the guy who threatened to 'deck me' after I asked him to stop hassling one female member of our group.


more DIY....

After a fantastic week in West Ireland, nr Westport, I'm back to do yet more DIY. Yep, the two-year project to tile the kitchen is nearly complete! Trouble is that I've started some other projects too - yikes!

I discovered how much I love walking around B&Q today - but not as much as I loved Ireland...!


Ouch....we were robbed

Portugal 8 : England 7

Having led the match 1:0 for most of the match, only to concede 2 goals from the host nation's team, we clawed back another goal to bring the game level at 2:2

In extra time we secured (thought we secured, no, we DID) what should have been the winning goal.

Why oh why did we get allocated a Swiss referee after giving Switzerland a beating earlier in the tournament? It looked like England were playing against twelve men!

Email Urs Meier to ask him why he disallowed what could have been the winning goal ;-)


Today BiddyCam, tomorrow the.....

Click on the image to make it bigger.
When your name has been mentioned on BiddyCam!, you know you've made it...

When Ace Blogger, aka Matthew Eaves, first began his blog - he knew he was bidding for stardom. With a fan base in tow, I stand back and applaud his name and quote on the BiddyCam! website. Putting the ethics of all this to one side, amazing stuff mate!

Quote of the week : (From Matt's Blog -
"I predict that this website is going to be as huge as 'Penguin Smacking'"

Today BiddyCam! tomorrow the ....


The Office Olympics

click on each to play in a new window

Fancy a go, anyone?


Dr Fun

I've just been trying to sort out my 'bookmarks'.... you know the mess you can get into with bookmarks....what's worse is each time I say, 'I'll never get into this mess again' ha! What we need is some smart bookmark software which manages your bookmarks irrespective of what computer you are using, where you are, what browser software you are using. I think Apple's .Mac has some bookmark tool - don't know how good it is, or how it works - might have to investigate. Like I've said many a time, I'll never get into this mess again.

Anyway, I stumbled across a bookmark to Dr Fun cartoons. They are so very very funny!

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