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Dr Fun


I've just been trying to sort out my 'bookmarks'.... you know the mess you can get into with bookmarks....what's worse is each time I say, 'I'll never get into this mess again' ha! What we need is some smart bookmark software which manages your bookmarks irrespective of what computer you are using, where you are, what browser software you are using. I think Apple's .Mac has some bookmark tool - don't know how good it is, or how it works - might have to investigate. Like I've said many a time, I'll never get into this mess again.

Anyway, I stumbled across a bookmark to Dr Fun cartoons. They are so very very funny!

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Jonathan, you've prompted me to sort out my bookmarks today. There's an alarming number and I've got them scattered over 3 browsers! Then there's the problem of getting carried away with stuff that I bookmarked and hadn't revisited for ages. Definitely a rainy-day job!


Why not use a blog to organise your bookmarks? One click to visit and then there they are - whatever computer or software you're using.
Or is that too simple?
Eve Thirkle

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