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double rainbow.... two pots of gold?



God made the rainbow for a covenant to His people, that it would never flood the earth again, it was His promise to His people. And God never lies, He delivers on His Promises. Have you noticed that a rainbow only appears after it rains and the sun shines. How coincidental? After the flood God set the rainbow in the heavens to remind us of the promise...dont ever believe it for any other reason or scientific phenomena...Its Gods Promise!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also believe as you do but I saw a rainbow today and we have not had any rain today

A couple of weeks ago I was driving home and looked up into the sky and saw a double rainbow just sitting there.  I was in awe of this sighting and the closer I got to it the more intrigued I became.  I know God Promised not the destroy the entire earth with floods and he sealed his promise by placing a rainbow in the sky as such.  However, I am determining that because it was a double rainbow to me it must have some significance to a double portion blessing, I am not sure but that is what I have determined thus far.  I am still praying to God for an answer.  Nice talking with you!!!!

get a life dork!!!

Is there a correlation when viewing double rainbows and perhaps one might have twins?

For me double omens are about the worst omen possible. I saw a double omen when my on the way back from the hospital, I was there to see my father who had recently gone into a coma after a sudden accident (he was 54) ... very shortly after the double rainbow it was determined that he was brain dead and we had no choice but to pull the plug ... he died shortly after.

When I saw the double rainbow I told my mother (his ex-wife), she told me a few months later (didn't want to get me down at the time) that she had seen a double rainbow once, it was while her sister was dying from cancer ... she died later on that day.

To me double rainbows signify loss and death.

Hello Amelia... thank you for your comments. How cool is that for you to answer with 'a rainbow' !

I've not seen a double rainbow since, other than a photo of one which a good friend of mine sent to me as a picture message. I do look closely each time I see a rainbow, just to see if I can spot the reflection!

Did you write a poem about a rainbow then?

I just saw another pair today, 10 months and 10 days apart. I wonder if that means anything. LOL! Please read my comments below (December 28)...

Really interesting to read about your eperience with a rainbow. I had a similar one last year.

I was giving a friend a lift back from the hospital (she had torn a ligament) when we saw a double rainbow. The outer one started to glow and the colours became very bright and distinct. It then came toward the car and we had a rainbow at the end of the bonnet and the black tarmac was glowing gold. Absolutly amazing! The rainbow stayed with us for about 100yards until we turned of the main road.

I never thought it was possible to be at the end of a rainbow, but to have one aproach you and then reverse direction to keep up with the car makes you really question your reality paradigm.

I would really like to know more about your experience if you would like to share it.

WOW! This is my second post this year! There is a faint double rainbow right outside my office window, just northeast of where I saw one on February 18th of this year (you can read the comment I left on that date). It's amazing how this year I've had a lot of emotional and financial ups and downs- with some dreams fulfilled, some dashed, some delayed and still possibly unfolding, with some new ones on the horizon- moreso than I've had at one time during the past 12 years, maybe ever.

This current personal cycle seems to have started just after I saw the double rainbows in February. I hope that this time these rainbows signify that something even better (and reliable/consistent) is on the way. Please pray for me!

Hello Curtis,

Welcome back to this blog site. Glad to hear of your recent double rainbow experience - how amazing. Interestingly enough, I saw my second double rainbow two weeks ago whilst driving along the M25 towards Essex. The rainbow was over the Thames and the QEII bridge, and since I was driving, couldn't take a photograph.

Life is a bit of a rollercoaster at times. Let's hope the second sighting of a double rainbow brings something better to us both. :-)

Great to see you back again here.

Happy New Year,


I saw a double rainbow tonight. it reminded me of a prophecy. "the day is coming when men will look to the sky, the consummation of all who realize, we are waiting for Ground Zero" (trumpet sound)
===================signifying the imminent return of Jesus Christ.......

I saw two double rainbows in one day. It was in the morning and then I saw one in the evening. I believe in what Gods word reads concerning the promises of His Word, and the promise of the rainbow set in the heavens, noting that He would never flood the earth again. He has so far delivered on that promise. And His Word reads that the Earth is now reserved for another judgement, with fire...Praise be to God, His Glory and Majesty, Glory and Honor to His Son Christ Jesus...

Hi Johnathon and everyone.
Rainbows have always meant to me a sign of hope and a connection to the heavens.
Like the song "The Rainbow Connection".
Interestingly its not only in Christian & Jewsih faith but Norse, Greek and Chineese
Mythology that the rainbow is seen as a connection between heaven and earth.
To me the pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow is heaven, unconditional and everlasting love. It can only be reached when our spirits transcends this world and lives in eternal grace with the Lord.
Interestingly if you try on earth to chase the end of the rainbow it moves farther away!

A double rainbow is indeed very rare particularly those with perfect arcs that stretch from horizon to horizon.
My children and I witnessed one as we arrived home from school on Wednesday 08/08/07.
It was so awesome and spectacular we just sat in our car in the driveway transfixed by this beautiful scene. It only lasted a few minutes and then it was gone. I was tempted to rush inside and get my camera - I probably would have missed it if I had.
It has left me with a peace and sense of gratefulness I have not eexperienced in a while. I have been in a real wildnerness for around 4 years struggling with grief, but I see this as a real turning point in my life, an everlasting hope that just like a forest regenerates from a bushfire my heart is starting to heal from the burning ashes that is bereavement.

Thank you to my beautiful babies in heaven: Amore, Cara, Teressa, Pieta and also my angel brother Peter for this lovely sign.

Blessings to you all. Maria.

My aunt said that there was a double rainbow after my cousin/her son had died. My uncle/her brother just died and there was a double rainbow after his death. Maybe thats a sign

<p>My sister passed away last week & amp; the next day my dads power went out &amp; looked out &amp; saw BIG WHITE BIRD AND a double rainbow and then we were only wishing we could see one. Then the next day our powers went out and we saw a double rainbow that led from the valley we live into upto the mountain. Then I had a bad night and asked her to help me. I walked outside and saw a solid white butterfly...... I have been seeing many things. My sister &amp; I were closer than any twins and we did everything together. She or &amp; God would know we would need some signs to keep us hanging & on. I keep seeing and feeling so many things. My DAD saw two deers and then a few minutes later saw a rabit and had a wood peker pecking right at his window and my grandmother did to. It may just be because it&#39;s spring but we have never had so many different animals coming to us doing strang stuff</p>

I'd like to see it as a sign as well. My dog died on Saturday and so many "signs" seem to have appeared since then. 1st when my husband and I decided to change the radio station from country wich was making us way too emotional to the Kids Station on Satelite radio where the 1st song on was "Who Let the Dogs Out"....then off to a pet store to look at puppies to get a smile back on our face only to pull into the parking lot and see a Thai Reastaurant next to it called "Thai Thai" which was our nickname for "Tyson" our dog. Then to top off our week so far, yesterday while driving in a rain storm we witnessed for the 1st time in our lives a Double Rainbow. They say when a pet dies they go over the "Rainbow Bridge" Maybe our hearts need to beleive in signs right now..or maybe just coincedences...either way the sight of that Rainbow brought a feeling of peace in my heart when I needed it.

I think thai thai is trying to tell you all is well and that he loves you and wants you to be happy.

I saw a double rainbow today for the very first time from the balcony of my apartment.The first one had very brilliant colors whereas the second one was a little fainted.It was so awesome that i called my two daughters to come outside and experience this marvelous phenomenon.Today, I had a very challenging day which brought me to think about all the hardships I've been going through lately .Seeing that double rainbow just filled me with peace and hope that the Lord is watching over me, and that all my worries will soon come to pass.Thank you Jonathan for starting this blog.I came to the internet because I was convinced that the sight of a double rainbow was a message from heaven for me that my children and I were going to be fine.All the comments on this blog comforted me in this belief.My heart is at peace tonight and I am still looking outside my apartment window at the exact spot where I saw the double rainbow.

For the first time in my life (58 years) I saw a double rainbow. It is totally amazing and wonderfully beautiful. I too, was taken with the old testament and Noah, God's covenant that the earth would never be destroyed by flood again. It has rained and stormed here in Uniontown, Ohio for the last week. Maybe this is a sign that the rain will resume it's usual pattern. I also hope for some personal good news. I would love to see another double rainbow and will forever look for them when it rains. Kate

20.00 GMT - London

Its was raining & it was sunny....
First one rainbow, then a second

"Its a good sign" :0)

Today whilst driving through the very flat Fenlands towards the North Norfolk coast I spotted a very clear series of rainbows the first of which appeared to emanate from the road in front of our car. The vehicles ahead of us seemed to be driving into it and within a few seconds we were driving into it as well. The light in the car turned absolutely golden - it was surreal and magical and whilst it was happening my grown up daughter and I were actually discussing the impossibility of what we were experiencing. Amazingly, about a half mile further on it happened again! First we could see the rainbows, then the cars ahead driving into one and then we drove into it. As a child if I saw a rainbow I would always try to walk or run towards it and it would just seem to move away. Can anyone explain this phenomenum as I am sure what happened is scientifically impossible!

Last week I was traveling in north Alabama just south of the Tennessee River. Several (20+) miles south of the river I noticed a rainbow, or a part of one, in the sky to the east. It was just the right arc of the rainbow but I'm always glad to see a rainbow. I have noticed that the double occurs more often than you think but you just have to know what to look for and where. I looked but did not discover the second one. I drove on some 10 miles or so and found the left side of that rainbow, still seeing the right, but not seeing the middle. I then saw the second left arc of the double. That made me happy but I didn't think anything unusual of it. Just a few miles south of the river, the first (and more vivid) left arc ended inside my car with me and traveled with me. I questioned my vision but it stayed for 30 seconds to a minute before leaving the car. I could then see the end on the ground with the trees behind it. I crossed the river and the rainbow got back in the car with me until I made a westwardly turn. I am a very grounded person who cannot explain why a rainbow traveled with me but am happy to know that it did.

hi my name is Rebecca I am 10 and I'm in grade 4 at C.G.G.S.At school Iam lenning about light my teacher ask as if we could find out why a dobbel rainbow is so special and I am looking for the answer
so if you find out the answer post a new comment

good bye strangers of the world


God opened a window on the sky and asked me today what is your greatest desire? I said: O God, look good for those who are reading this letter, ineffective family and friends - they deserve it. I love them. Love of God as the ocean. You can see the beginning but the end - more than ever now that the letter would begin to have effect. Angels exist it is true. But sometimes they have no wings, and we call them to friends .Otprav it, and tonight before 00:00 pm will receive a surprise: the news that you want to hear. This is no joke. Someone will call you and say what are you waiting. Or the angel will bring you news in a dream. Do not defeat this conversation. Send the letter at least 10 people, who believes angels. I believe you!

I just saw a gorgeous double rainbow and got to share the experience with my 2 year old daughter. My family has had a really rough year; my current pregnancy is a complicated one, financial difficulties, and marital issues due to finances - etc. It's been draining. I haven't seen a double rainbow since I was a little girl and seeing this one instantly lifted my spirits. I like to think that it means a new beginning, a sign of luck, and hope. Amazing.

Double rainbows brought me many happy events in my life.
Now when I think about it it could have been sign of
7 good years.. then things went bit south.

today I saw double rainbow again. I hope this is God's sign
of something good again.

If God speaks to us in signs it takes faith and belief
it is up to us to believe him.
he can't make us we have to open.

I just quered double rainbow on google and
I got curious info that second rainbow
has reversed colors.. I looked at your picture
and there it is.. the colors are reversed from
the first bow


I didn't see a double rainbow, but on Monday after a cold and rainy day, my daughter and I saw a rainbow, a perfect arc. Then today, Friday, I saw a small piece of a rainbow around the clouds and after driving awhile saw this rainbow reflected on a traffic sign in beatiful colors. My mother recently passed away and I have had a difficult few years. I know it's silly but I would like to think these rainbow sightings are a sign that things are going to get better.

My 8 year old son and I saw a double rainbow on Friday. It was absolutely breathtaking. I didn't even know such a thing exhisted until that moment. I immediately wondered what it means. I think we are all searching for meaning because, seeing a double rainbow is such a magical experience, it HAS to mean something. I believe it is a sign of hope, peace and good things to come. Maybe God is reminding all of us that He is with us and everything is going to be OK.

hi...few years back the day i arrived to japan to work,on my way going to the place i saw a connecting rainbow,its not double but two rainbows connecting to each other side...its my first time to see that kind of rainbows,first time to work and the first time i meet my boyfrend..thats why im considering it as new beginning..rainbows indicates new beginning...i appreciate any other points of view about this experience...pls ....

i saw a double rainbow a few days ago too and to me it is god promise too and i took pictures of the double rainbow too

did anyone take pictures of a double rainbow before i did a few weeks ago

Sept. 4, 2010, Saturday afternoon.....I was doing my pedicure and I needed to throw away my cotton ball with acetone to a garbage i have in my room near my window and I felt something to make me look outside my window. It was two rainbows shining outside my window. I screamed out my mom, " Do you see what I see?, I asked. She replied, " Yes, double rainbows!." I went outside with my iphone and took pictures and a video. As I am recording this, I just felt as if I was sedated with peacefulness, joy and I was laughing with such happiness. I was in shock because I guess I never experienced this before and I felt God was watching me. I have asked people what signifies two rainbows and I had responses about God promise to Noah. However others claim it is wealth, forture and blessings. I was the only one at the canal when this occurred and until this moment. I ask for those who have experienced I going to receive two blessings? All I wish is to have twins.....what do you think? I am open for suggestions.....


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