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Today BiddyCam, tomorrow the.....


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When your name has been mentioned on BiddyCam!, you know you've made it...

When Ace Blogger, aka Matthew Eaves, first began his blog - he knew he was bidding for stardom. With a fan base in tow, I stand back and applaud his name and quote on the BiddyCam! website. Putting the ethics of all this to one side, amazing stuff mate!

Quote of the week : (From Matt's Blog - matt.ultralab.net)
"I predict that this website is going to be as huge as 'Penguin Smacking'"

Today BiddyCam! tomorrow the ....


I dont know if its just me, but you look so much like Tim Henman (tennis player) its just quite freaky. Except you cant play tennis, and he probably cant work a computer (probably!)

ha! yeah everyone says that.... except that I'm more handsome than Tim! ;-)

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