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iPad Mini case

The iPad Mini is designed to be carried everywhere. It wants to just slip into a small bag. Now that my wife uses hers to read, it gets put in her handbag wherever she goes. As with all Apple products, they look gorgeous naked and dreadful when fully clothed in a huge unwieldy case.

I think we have discovered the perfect case which offers practical protection from scuffs and scratches whilst being carried, to enabling its natural beauty to be showcased whenever in use.

This is the Encase designed pouch in a charcoal wool finish. Snug, sleek and very well protected.

More iPad Mini cases can be found online here.

Apple iPad Case

At last I've ventured into getting the proper Apple iPad Case. It has many advantages, one being that it fits snuggly to the actual form of the iPad making it appear super sleek and thin.

I love the rubbery texture which makes the case very grippy.

I love the simplicity of the design too, making it possible to stand the iPad in a range of different orientations.

The best arrangement is set up with the screen standing on edge and a bluetooth keyboard connected making it a very portable and capable computer.



Using the iPad with the on screen keyboard is also very usable when orientated flat with a 15 degree incline. I love the way that the onscreen keyboard doesn't appear if a bluetooth keyboard is paired and active. Very intelligent thinking which is what makes Apple the great brand that it is.



This case for the iPad and also several iPad 2 cases can be found easily on the web.

Protection better than reclamation! The iPad case

Using an iPad in schools requires them to be "bullet-proof" but not because they are deliberated harmed or mistreated, but invariably accidents happen. Quite often the accident could have been avoided with foresight, but since children are still learning about the laws of physics, gravity and being responsible, we have to be prepared for some things to go wrong.

As soon as our school had two shiny new iPads, I was quick to get hold of an iPad case. I wasn't sure which one to get, so I just ordered the one. This is a iPad Flip Case in black and is perfect for protecting the iPad.

The benefits include:

  • smart black design.
  • easy to remove the iPad from the case when you just want to 'show off'
  • solid cover protects the screen when closed, but also supports the iPad to stand upright when open.
  • clasp clip to keep the iPad safe when closed.

Definitely well worth looking at the variety of iPad cases available.



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