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Spectacular Sunrise on Mount Sinai

Setting off at 1am this morning we took the camel path up to the summit of Mount Sinai, some two and a half thousand feet. It was a gentle 3hr climb, finishing with 750 steps where famously many believe God spoke to Moses.

An hour or so later saw the most beautiful sunrise, the colours emerging over the mountain featured horizon was unforgettable.

I was surprised at the rapid rise of the sun and how quickly light reflecting from the sky lit the mountain ranges which surrounded us.

These pictures struggle to capture the setting and atmosphere as nearly 300 people gasped at the sight of the sun peeking over the crest of mountain tops.

Breathtaking. An adventure not to be missed if ever you are in this region of Egypt.


The photo of the sunset in Mt. Sinai is breathtaking. I love the sunset more than I love the sunrise. Didn't you get the chance to witness the sunset at the top of Mt. Sinai?

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