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Hot fridge anyone?


I've always wondered whether fridges could be made more efficient...

This fridge uses excess heat from the condenser (usually on the back of most household appliances) and directs this to a 'hot plate' situated on top of the unit.


Reading this left my whit no words, if we continue to evolve this way my kitchen will be empty, i'll have all my appliances gathered in one. I noticed there are many improvements concerning frigidaire parts, people are getting more ingenious in this area and that good news for all of us.

Wow... I didn't think this was real at first. I've been hearing a lot about smart appliances recently and there is certainly some ingenious stuff coming out now. Still costs an arm and a leg and it's probably cheaper to keep your old one going with repair appliance parts, ( but the thought is always in the back of my mind that one day, our kitchens will be run by some sort of appliance robot lol

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