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Domain Name Transfer, painful experience


Having been a loyal customer with for the past three years, and been a strong supporter of their Control Panel and Technical support services, I have chosen to transfer this domain, to

My two reasons for doing this are:

  1. are cheaper to re-register each year
  2. has a better control panel which supports numerous creation of sub-domains.

The Easily control panel only allows 3 subdomains to be created, although they will be upgrading this capability shortly to allow users to submit more.... hopefully infinitely more.

Rather disappointingly, you may have noticed two days downtime for whilst this process was in full swing.

The process involved in transferring a domain name is not particularly complex, but involves several organisations working together.

Both Easily and 123-reg responded well to the initial request, the transfer is still in progress and should be complete in the next 3 days. However, since the WHOIS record was updated with new Nameservers for, the domain hosting company hadn't created a record in their name servers pointing my domain to my server.

I was dismayed when the 123-reg technical team didn't respond to my initial emails requesting support. Their 50p per minute telephone number wasn't working either. In the end I bombarded their team with emails asking for help, until someone replied with some advice.

Sadly the advice suggested I should wait the 5 days for the transfer of domain name as it was 'preferred' that their nameservers weren't amended until the process had completed - nevermind the fact I was running a live website that hadn't expected to be unavailable for so long.

The upshot is that the team have kindly pointed the sub-domain to the right server, and we are back online once again. Welcome back, campers!

I am still waiting for the full transfer or domain name from one company to another and access my new control panel, but at least my visitors are active once again.

It reminds me once again to get the best package with the right level of support, anything else just won't do.



Nick - do NOT use their dedicated server. You'll find LOTS of people telling stories of how their server was down for two weeks and the customer support could not be reached at all. Just google for "123-reg sucks"... I myself had the unpleasant experience of contacting them; the only thing to which I got a response was a letter sent by registered post with a final threat of going to court.

Also check out their agreement, it's hugely unfair IMO, listing things like "we won't refund you anything even if you cancel the next day after your yearly subscription".

Stay away!

May I suggest considering Solutions in Brighton, Their ISP / hosting service is Freedom255. These people are now very much our friends and they provide a very personal service. You might mention that you talked to me and have dropped by my blog site since you may be given a good deal, I don't know.

I know server spaces, databases are platform independent, but what platform are you working on? Windows? Macintosh? Linux?

Solutions is an Apple Macintosh specialist working with systems built on the Unix infrastructure. Look them up and give them a call.

I get twitchy when I start using services provided by other companies, but I get equally twitchy when I run my own server and services with responsibility for uptime, backup and maintenance...

Hope they get it sorted out soon, Jo.

Crumbs. I thought it was just me and a few others, but lots of people have struggled with the quality of support. Of course, once you've got your domain and it's setup and configurable from the web interface, it all works perfectly well, but when there's something that needs human intervention, it all seems to fall down flat. I and a few friends of mine seem to be working just fine with the domain host just now, but makes me nervous to know what will happen when something goes wrong.

123-Reg Warning

This is a heads up warning to all of you that are considering committing yourself to any sort of dealings with 123-reg.

My saga started in March 2006, is still ongoing as of 22 October 2006 and is completely unresolved.

Unwittingly, in March 2006, I called on the services of 123-reg to pre-register many .eu domains on my behalf. In April 2006 I was informed that the majority of my chosen domains were unsuccessful and I would be getting a refund. I was disappointed with the failures but at least I knew I would be getting my money returned.

On 28 April 2006 I received many automated emails from 123-reg informing me that I could set up a credit account for the refunds and that this credit could be used to purchase any of the 123-reg services. I decided to take up this offer as I intended to purchase more domains, InstantSite Pro and web hosting packages.

Many weeks elapsed without any sign of the refund. Scores of emails later, 123-reg eventually apologised and informed me that they were doing their level best to satisfy the overwhelming demand in response to refunds on .eu domains. Stay calm, at least they have apologised for the outrageous delay.

During June 2006 credit finally started appearing on my account. However, by the end of June 2006 over £400 had still not been credited back to my account and so I demanded an explanation. After not getting any response to my many additional emails I decided to call on the assistance of the so called 'Consumer Champion' from the WebUser magazine. Unfortunately, WebUser did not take up my cause and never even acknowledged my complaint. I found this rather strange because 123-reg had been awarded best host 2006 by WebUser readers so one would have thought that WebUser themselves would have wanted to get to the bottom of my grievance.

On 3 August 2006 although I was still missing a lot of credit, I decided to purchase a domain with the credit facility I had with 123-reg. Unbelievable as it may seem I discovered that I could not purchase the domain with my credit facility. 123-reg agreed that it was a problem and it would be sorted within the week.

On 4 August 2006 123-reg and I disagreed as to what amount of money was showing on my credit account. According to my figures I was short by over £100.

On 8 August 2006 I was still unable to purchase domains with my credit facility that had been set up on 28 April 2006. The following day 123-reg told me that a bug sheet had now been raised and the problem would be resolved by the end of the week or early next week.

On 19 August 2006 in desperation I again contacted the 'Consumer Champion' of the WebUser magazine. Again they never acknowledged my communication.

On 23 August 2006 I was told by 123-reg that my problem was now being escalated to the Product Development Department.

On 5 September 2006 I was finally informed by 123-reg that I could now use my credit facility to purchase domains. It had now taken 123-reg five months for me to be able to use my credit facility that was agreed on 28 April 2006.

On 7 September 2006 a ticket was raised by 123-reg in order to sort out the £100 shortfall on my credit account.

On 24 September 2006 I eventually took the plunge and decided that I was now ready to purchase InstantSite Pro and web hosting packages with the funds that 123-reg held in my credit account. After all, 123-reg had somehow been voted 'best host for 2006' desite my traumas. Guess what? To my amazement, I discovered that I could not purchase InstantSite or web hosting packages with my credit facility that stood at over £300.

On 29 September 2006 after many emails on my behalf and weeks of investigation by 123-reg it was discovered that despite my instruction via email and by telephone, 123-reg had taken it upon themselves to issue some of the refunds back to my credit card. Okay so this explains the missing money but what did they not understand about "Put the refunds into my credit account"? Why oh why, put the majority of funds onto my credit account and then transfer some funds back to my card. Perhaps a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing?

On 19 October 2006 again after another batch of frustrating emails, 123-reg eventually informed me that they never intended credit accounts being used for anything other than domain purchases. I again complained to 123-reg by saying that their policy is the same as a bank telling me that I can only use my funds to purchase red hot chilly peppers and nothing else. They responded by saying that banks do actually place similar restrictions on funds by only allowing a withdrawal of £300 per day. What utter, utter tosh. Anyone can withdraw all of their funds immediately, granted not via a hole in the wall. Anyway, I didn't want £300 a day, all I wanted was to be able to purchase InstantSite Pro and a web hosting package. Surely no big deal really!!!

Conclusion (well not yet anyway): 123-reg has had my money on credit since 28 April 2006 and to date, on 22 October 2006 I am still unable to get at my funds to purchase anything other than red hot chilly peppers. So I guess I now need to purchase about 150 of the type red hot chilly peppers to bring my credit balance to nil.

Oh by the way, to add insult to injury, I am now getting emails from 123-reg offering me a substantial discount if I purchase InstantSite Pro within 3 weeks of receiving their email. If only!!!

Be warned, be very warned about having any dealings whatsoever with 123-reg.

It really is a tale of woe for some of you guys isn't it?

I don't do anything other than buy my domain names through 123 reg... which are cheap as chips compared to a lot of others. My hosting is done at Pipeten ( and their service is brilliant. The control panel is fully features and, wonder of wonders, you can have full access to your MySQL databases with a client like CocoaMySQL (on a Mac). This makes the entire thing worth the money, IMO.

With Windows server packages that allow database sites to run starting at about £6 a month, this is a good option for me. Currently I have a Windows account and a Linux multi-host account (at about £70 per year) which I am finding excellent. The tech support is instant, too, with online chat tools embedded in their web pages.

So, the message seems to be steer clear of 123-reg for hosting, but buying names from them (as long as you don't want to move them around later) seems OK. You get to point the domains at any DNS servers you want... so why move the names around?

I have good experience with Hostorange.


If you have a domain name at 123-reg, but point to a different server, how do email addresses work? Are they provided by 123-reg or by the host? I have a domain at 123-reg but I can't get an email address set up. I've abandoned InstantSite (within 7 days cooling off, so it should be OK)and am thinking of using MRSITE to build a web site, but the email address worries me as I do need one using the 123-reg domain name.


You can do several things with the email addresses 123-reg -

1. (and probably the easiest) is set up Email forwarding to an email account that you have already got setup somewhere else... this could be Hotmail or Yahoo... or whatever. The real beauty is that you don't have any of the headaches of running a Mail server or paying for a mail service. I have a Gmail account set up for all my email, and therefore just point my domain name email, to the gmail account.

2. If you have a server hosted elsewhere, you could point the MX records to that machine and have it handle all your incoming mail. This gives you lots of control - but probably more hassle and expense than you need.

Having 123-reg forward your email to another email address is by far the best approach. Just be aware that you can only change the Reply-To address for your outgoing mail using a provider that allows you to select it, such as gmail, or set up a POP mail client like Outlook or Mail on the Mac to handle all your email (as opposed to webmail)

Hope this helps... keep asking if I can help you further.


I am a long time customer of 123-reg. Their service and prices are good for domain registration. I would never use their web hosting services, and they are pricey and do not have a good reputation.

My recommendation would be to use 123-reg for your domain registration only, and use a real webhosting company for your website/email. All you need to do is change the Nameservers in 123-reg to the ones provided by your webhosting company.

I've used Nethosted ( for my webhosting and am happy with them, but there are plenty of other similar webhosts. The beauty of splitting the regestration and webhosting, is that in the event of problems with your webhosts, all you need do is sign up with a different webhosting outfit, and change the Nameservers in 123-reg's control panel.

My own site with some guidance on registration/webhosting is at

Any comments on 123reg's POP3 service?
I forward all my mails to several ntlworld accounts, but if on holiday for a week one of these can fill up. I am with orange broadband (another *** choice) and I don't trust their POP3 boxes

I did mail 123reg a while back about the size limit on their POP3 boxes, and seem to remember a figure being quoted, with also some reference to how the size can be increased. Having read this page, I am not a bit unsure whether I should or not use their POP3 service (I do have my domain/email address with them and forward to my other accounts)

3 weekends running now and 123reg emails are not being forwarded on within a reasonable amount of time

Come on 123, pull your finger out please


Glad you posted here about this very issue. I had this problem too - and probably plagued me for 18months or more. It was only recently that I was experiencing lost mail - I had access to the senders computer and was able to see the address spelt correctly, etc, but no mail.

I did mail the 123-reg team, who did respond quickly - but I had already changed MX records and moved to a Google hosted service for my domain. Works a treat now - and I vouch for Google Domain Accounts - fabulous - go check them out.

123-reg have improved in a few areas, I think. Technical help team are more responsive than they were when I first posted this blog article.

creating sub-domains is way better.

Godaddy UK domain name promo codes for a discount, these codes do not expire.
BRIL1: 10% off any order
BRIL3: 30% off .com domain names
Codes work on renewals, UK codes and US codes here:

The upshot is that the team have kindly pointed the sub-domain to the right server, and we are back online once again. Welcome back, campers!

Avoid the terrible hosting company '' . If you bought hosting from them years ago, they will keep your debit card details (without permission) and take money out of your account willy nilly. The only way to cancel these automatic 'payments' (theft!) is to call them on a premium rate number.

I called them last week to cancel an old hosting package and was on hold for half an hour on their premium rate number before I hung up. Never got to speak to anyone.

Then I used their support site (a misnomer if ever there was one) to tell them I couldn't get through by phone to cancel and that I expressly forbid them to take money out of my account the following week. They replied, asking if I was sure, then closed the line of communication. So I got in touch again, telling them 'cancel the hosting, do not take money from my account and I do not give permission for you to hold my card details and never have'.

So guess what they did? They took £70 from my bank account today! I drove to the RBS and told them the story and they said they couldn't and wouldn't do anything. I argued with them for half an hour and they were completely unhelpful. I told them I did not believe that if you buy something from a company years ago, they can then take money out of your account illegally and the bank, the police, Trading Standards - nobody would help.

So I then spent then rest of the afternoon back on hold to on their premium rate number, got through and went mental. After they tried to say that it was my fault, I finally got them to remove my debit card details from their computer. They told me they'd send a refund request to their accounting department and I'll belive it when I see it.

The moral is: never deal with . Oh, and they DOUBLED their prices for all of their business customers in January for exactly the same service.

123-ripoff, more like!

I feel very strongly about 123 Reg as they took 4 payments from my account and denied it. The only way I got the money refunded was to go through my bank and as a result, 123 Reg has suspended my account and i've lost my prize domain name, as they won't let me into the control panel to transfer it over. - the result- I have lost a well marketed website that I spent a year building up.

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