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Apply for new DVLA tax disc online

Having received the new style MOT certificate from my local test centre, I have been informed that drivers can now apply for tax discs online.

The DVLA seems to have "joined up" their systems with the Motor Insurance Database (MID) and MOT Test Certificate Database to make this new service available. This is very sorted.

Would love to be able to purchase petrol online or buy petrol credit, like a Pay As You Go scheme. This would mean I could turn up at any filling station convenient to me and either fill to the amount purchased, or as much as my PAYG scheme would allow.

... think of the savings to be made of not having to stand in a petrol queue admiring rows of sweets and chocolate.


i was told in the past,recently if i pay tax online my car was covered threw modern tecnology,ie, computer systems being linked to each other, so your vehicle was not at risk of being towed away by companies working on behalf of the dvla. saying they can see your purchase of road tax was done threw your licence plate. well ive now been told different, bye someone in the same department, what is the true story,because i have no idea

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