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Teleport Replay


My digital television provider, Telewest, has made available its new service, Teleport Replay


This new service allows users to access the past weeks' television programmes, on demand. Telewest records several programmes for a select number of channels including the BBC and Bravo. This is breakthrough technology for the home user, there is no local recording device in the home, all this is streamed down the fibre optic backbone of the Telewest network.

I love being able to forward, rewind and pause the recorded TV programmes.

There is no additional cost to the consumer for this service, unlike the Telewest TVDrive which is a soon-to-arrive Personal Video Recorder (PVR) package for recording TV direct to a home device. This looks like a really exciting development which might overcome my PVR, Evolution TV blues.


I totally agree with both comments. This service is random and therefore unreliable.
Another appalling issue with telewest TV in general I'd like to inform visitors -
SLOW, SLOW, SLOW. Just changing channels. I cant simply push 1 to go-to bbc1. TOO SIMPLE! I must type in 101 which after a considerable pause sometimes (5 to 10 seconds) and if i don't get a message advising me to change the batteries (Because i wouldn't have thought of that!) it might change.... or perhaps a message saying this service is not available. USELESS.
It's a very buggy system and i would not recommend it as it is now. I've been with telewest for 6 years now and it's getting worse each year. I also used to work for a foreign digital television broadcasting company and their system, whilst very simple and basic, was 10X more usable.
I'm ditching telewest after Christmas.

In my opinion i would say the telewst programmes are not recroding every single programme and that is a bad method of busness. Like Chris D said it is very slow. sometimes it wont even work. it all cause the customer to change into something else.

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