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Inspirational television for teachers, Teachers TV


I searched the net looking for some digital media to help my students understand and appreciate the effect of forces on objects. I had already tried the obvious places, YouTube, Google Video etc.. and drew blanks. I searched the Teachers TV programmes, and hit upon this video, KS3/4 Science - Demonstrating Physics: Forces featuring David Richardson from the Institute of Physics.

As a teacher, it was a truly inspiring programme to watch a demonstration of a scientific theory which began with the awe and wonder that interests and engages students so brilliantly - it certainly captivated me.

So many ideas can be gleaned from watching other professionals. The programme featured a scientist giving a demonstration to teachers during an INSET session, and later, the teacher repeating the same principle in front of their class of students. It was a really helpful to note the scientists explanations and then to see the students reactions and comments - it was almost as though you had already had a 'dry-run' of the activity. Wonderful.

Naturally, I couldn't help but want to present the same principle to my students and indeed the awe and wonder and instant engagement was there.

You can find more programmes on Teachers TV using this search engine:

or browse by category...


Key stages



hello, i was looking at your bus idea and think it a wonderful idea. but the real reason for my contact is that i was hoping to start something of my own involving a routemaster bus and i was wondering, if it's not to rude to ask you about the costs involved in doing so, i.e. the purchasing and the doing up of the bus. if you could give me any info on that front i'd be very grateful,
good luck in your endevours,
(my email-

Hi Ben,

I have just copied your comment and my response to the Routemaster Bus... on the road to digital creativity article.

I have responded to your query there.


Just a quick update for above post… In agreement with the Department For Education all 3,500 Teachers TV videos are also available on TES Resources

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