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Sony Ericsson P1i smart phone iSync Plugin for Mac OS X computers


With the iPhone just around the corner, another iPhone announcement September 18th maybe - I got to play with the latest offering from Sony Ericsson, the P1i which replaces the brick-like P900i device.

It was fast, responsive and had a beautifully crisp and sharp display. Sony has kept with it's trademark menu - consistent across all Sony Ericsson's and this made using the device really easy. The web browser was also much the same - the larger screen made it much much more useful, but it isn't a fully featured browser as per the iPhone. This means that some pages don't render particularly well and navigating around them is somewhat tricky.

The phone has a 3 mega-pixel camera - as you might expect and quality of these images were staggeringly good. It has the same resolution as my old Canon IXUS camera, bought 4 years ago which I still used until quite recently. One of the REALLY cool features of the phone was the use of the camera for 'scanning' in business cards. Neat software on the phone is able to read the card information and convert telephone numbers, addresses and names and automatically insert the contact information into the phone and does this with accuracy too.

Gary, the owner of this new toy, wanted to connect the phone to his Mac computer - as with the very latest phones, the Mac doesn't have the plugin that allows iSync to make a connection. However, with a bit of trawling on the Internet, I found that the Sony Ericsson site have published the plugin. This must be a new service since I've always had to find the plugins from 3rd party people.

You can download the latest version (1.07) from here:

Download SonyEricsson P1i iSync Plugin


I just hope to get it work because everytime I sync, it just gives me an error message.

just be sure to have the latest firmware on your phone... works without any flaws for me here.

Hi, I am writing you from Brasil. I have purchased the Sonyp1i and have the latest firm-ware installed. I have Isync version 2.4; and dowloaded the plugin 1.07
I have tried syncing but after the first sync it has never been successful. (ie - contacts will not sync, and calendar all day events will get created several times onto the phone and no phone calendar entries will work onto the computer).
Do you have any suggestions?
I have tried purchasing third party software and that has not helped either.
Thanks you,

I am getting an error message as well.
Think I have latest firmware for the phone.
Any advice?

Hi Jonathan,

If I download the iSync plugin for the SEP1, will it automatically delete my old iSync version which I use for my older SE phone (K800i)? Or will this new plugin also work for the K800i?



My understanding is that the iSync plugin for each phone is added to the iSync plugin folder, preserving any others that are already present. This means that plugins for both the P1 and the K800i should work together and allow you to sync both phones.


Sorry, I meant SE P1i thanks.

The Mac OSX and the Sony Ericsson SE P1i are incompatible, synchronisation is not possible. The plugin won't install with the recent iSync. ISync sais that P1i is not recongised. Do not buy a SE P1i when you use a mac. I will return my phone right away. I am disappointed. I will not wait for an update, who knows when. How can I call people if my contacts is empty. Why spending your money with this expensive phone (even SE seems not to be interested to sell this phone) while others, also other SE phones, ARE compatible!

Disappointed McMarc

They are compatible, mine fully syncs with iSync on OSX.

I've tried to sync the damned P1i with my Macbook/Tiger and MBA/Leopard several times. I've once completely formatted the Tiger MB, installed the isync plugin, and still nothing. Both machines have synchronized successfully once, ever. With Tiger it synchronized after the first one, but only after a few weeks I noticed the sync was only one-way in the calendar. I tried all I could, last contacted SE support, and they just said they don't support OSX. I pointed out the plugin, and from their response I could read between the lines, that yes - they do have a software but nobody claimed it to work. They told me to delete the _email account_ on the phone. I was desperate enough to try it, and sync worked again. Oh well. I reconfigured the email account, and sure enough, sync stopped working properly right away.

Currently I can't even connect to the phone using bluetooth from either of the laptops anymore. Both laptops connect without a problem to any and all of my other bluetooth devices, and the phone connects flawlessly to my speaker and my handsfree.

I'll never buy a SE phone again.

The plug in on the S E site does NOT work with my ibook G4 on OSX. tiger. am planning to upgrade to the intel - panther ibook. Anyone know if sync will work?
btw, i love shozu on the p1i. just click and upload picts. free. do photobucket or dot mac also offer this?

Heya Ricky,
Thanks for your comments on ShoZu. Just FYI you can expect to see a bunch of new partner sites coming soon to ShoZu, including Photobucket! Stay tuned.

Jambo (ShoZu)

Hey there,
on my P1i, (using OSX Leopard on MacIntel),and the plug in from SE site, I get fine sync for the address book, but NO synchronization of calendar (just get an error message in middle of sync).
Any idea why / how to fix it?


Hej everybody,

same to me - with the NOT-synch after download. Since my SE P1i is 1 week old (11/17/07), I gather I ought to have the latest firmware on my phone?

So, WHO is gonna give us ignorant individuals the authoritative guidance on HOW to get it WORK?!

I am running osx 10.5.1 with isync 3.0 and i could not get the SE P1i isync plugin installed. when i run isync to add device it shows P1i but says "this device is not supported by Isync."
the phone's firmware is CXC 162037 R9H004
Bluetooth CXC 162143 R1D
Organizer CXC 162156 R6E30
CDA 162022/8 R6E30
Any help will be greatly appreciated

One of maybe 50 attempts to sync ical and adressbook to my p1i is successful. The other sync attempts never starts (no connection) or stops in the middle. Everything worked ok in 10.5.0 but not in 10.5.1. No sync of todos or notes, but calendar/ contacts synced fine.

I have tried everything I could think of to make it work (remove pairing/ pair again, reinstall plugin, master reset the phone)

Very nice phone but useless when the sync does not work. I have contacted SE support several times but they tell me its me not figuring it out (I whish it was/is- then I could get help to make it work:-) ) or tell me they do not support iSync and to contact Apple...
Stupid (me?), I bought the phone after seeing the plugin for iSync and getting the impression i worked fine (or even better than my old 750i) with OSX.

I strongly consider selling the phone and geting an iphone when it becomes availably here in Denmark. Meaningless, useless and stupid with a smartphone you cant rely on because its not syncing calendar/ contact properly. I'm waiting for a solution but not too long. In the mean time I use pen and paper adding appointments to my calendar.... :-)

Here are my error messages from iSync:
There was an error getting data from the phone. The synchronization may have been canceled on the phone. Device “P1ipelle” synchronization failed.

Connection to the phone failed.
Please make sure that your phone is turned on. If this error occurs again, please restart your phone.
Device “P1ipelle” synchronization failed.


after reading the messages post above, i realized that SE sucks. I almost make the order.
Thank you guys for saving me the money.

BTW, any one can me a hint on how to choose a phone which can sync with mac properly ?

please contact me at

Many thanks

I've been using SE P1i for a while now with OSX Tiger, and I'm disappointed. The plugin claims to sync everything, but I've yet to see where the calendar entries end up to. It worked on the first time just fine for the first two syncs or so, after that there was nothing.

My hard disk crashed totally two weeks ago. I purchased a new one, reinstalled Tiger, installed the plugin in a brand new computer, and ended up with the same situation - the system said I had 1159 contacts and 390 calendar entries and asked if I wanted to sync. I said yes, it did something, and the end result was an Addressbook full of contacts, and blank iCal. Oh well.

I'm not too impressed with the phone anyway. It crashes and reboots every week or so "to improve performance". Yeah right, I want it to boot up in the middle of the day for about a minute after which it will ask for both PIN and the security code, and if I haven't checked the screen I might be out of touch for several hours. Usually it's never more than a hour, but still.

When it works, it's slow. VERY slow. I bought it to replace my old 9300i after making an oath never to buy a Nokia phone again. I'm now ready to do the same to SE products as soon as I figure out what I should get instead.

If you're considering buying a phone, don't buy P1i. I would advise against Nokia phones, too, but that all depends on what you're looking for. If you want a smartphone, keep looking. Take as long as you need, I assume it'll take a LONG time before anyone actually makes a phone that could be called a smartphone and that works. :P

I had the same problem, and i gave up.
After i have installed my salling clicker on my SE P1i and it worked; i tried again to use iSync.
The funny thing that it's working now :))
Have fun.

It's very nice software.

works fine on my system

Thanks a lot for the information re: SE P1i - iSync plugin for Mac OS computers, IT WORKS!

I want a software that will enable me lock my messages for p1i

Overall my P1i is a handsome phone, but it lacks the GPS feature which is why I am unable to use WHERE AM I feature and features similar which require a GPS device. Nokia e61 has built-in GPS device. I am curious to know if is there a way to get a software to get the missing GPS thing in my P1i, I will switch to e61 if I'm not getting it otherwise.

Firstly, thanks for the link!
Oddly, my screen give the error message that it lost connection with my phone and yet when I check out the sync info to be transferred to the's all there. So..I works..even though it states that it doesn't!


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