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iPhone Skype Video calls bring people even closer

Skype have started the New Year with a bang and released an updated Skype app for the iPhone which now includes video calling. Video calling has been around for decades now, and 3G mobile phones brought with them video calling too. Unfortunately the video quality was poor and added little value. The iPhone 4 broke new ground with FaceTime, offering iPhone to iPhone calls provided both handsets were on a WIFI network. This is somewhat limiting, but hey.

Skype have only gone and done the expected with Skype to Skype video calls, and in the case of the iPhone 4, this isn't restricted to being connected to a WIFI network. Skype on the iPhone will now allow video calling between handsets, computers, and anything else that runs Skype and has a camera!

As the New Year arrived, we skype'd Paul, in Australia - he was connected to the net by his iPhone 4 and only with 3G Vodafone bandwidth. 

Of course it was great to chat and catch up, but even better for Paul to show us around his new pad.

The irony of course is that Rob was working, in a newly opened Apple Store in Sydney and unfortunately he wasn't there to join us. So, we'll just have to do it all over again in the next day or two and Sarah and I will be looking forward to it. Who knows, we might even be better prepared with a beer.

What's next, multi-way video calling, surely?

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