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Doughnut Factory Outlet

After being a bit late for watching a film at the cinema, Sarah and I managed our disappointment by visiting Krispy Kreme which were properly yummy, although sadly we could only manage a few.

We were captivated by the setup which, if you've been before, consists of a servery, pay counter and the doughnut factory itself.

I love seeing beyond the end product where so much of what we consume is hidden or masked from view. So much is lacking in our own education system about process and manufacturing that often our children aren't clear about where their food comes from. At Kings Road Primary School we've begun a Food 4 Life programme which gives children experience of growing and cooking.

Schools could follow Krispy Kreme's lead and open up their kitchens with glass panels so that children can see food being prepared and cooked. Could other aspects of school life be made more transparent? Easily. The challenge is there for us all. Ultimately it's about creating the best learning opportunities for our children and what better way than use the places where they learn.

(oh and in case you are wondering this is the first blog entry in nearly a year. Crikey, hopefully this iPhone blogging app will help.)

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