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Ever been to one of those courses, where the course leader asks you to "brainstorm your ideas"....and then later, some smart alec pipes up and says, "actually the correct term is thought-showering."

This comes from the polically correct way of describing the process of bringing out ideas, but to me - thought showering is what i ACTUALLY do.

As my ex-pupils will tell you, some of my greatest and weirdest ideas originate from the shower. I've been known to spend between 40-60 minutes in the shower, as ideas just come flowing out.

Sadly, by the time I've put my feet back on dry land, reality hits and these ideas somehow disappear into the abyss. Pity, cos only occasionally do these ideas stay around long enough and come into fruitition.

I lost a whole raft of great ideas this evening - doh! What I need is something that i can jot, draw or record my ideas whilst in the shower - I've yet to find anything that can cope with such demanding and thought-provoking environments!

Can anyone help!?


You need a secretary to stand outside the shower and take notes ha ha (how do I say who I am???)

Well you could try signing your name at the bottom, or do you expect that to be stripped out by the cunning heuristic anonymiser plugin module which Johnathan spent the last three weeks developing instead of doing any real work?

love from **?@@

Well well I think you guessed it was me.....ha ha.... Gina

Yes, Gina - I guessed it was you.....the " i'll be your secretary....I'll stand outside...please...please " gave it away a bit. lol

It was nothing to do with the "ha ha" at the end ;-)

So, my next shower will be...erm...

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