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Never mix reading with curry


I went out for a curry this evening with a mate (and his family) from school where I used to teach.

I discover that his eldest son, aged 6, is a great great in fact that he is on 'Black' - those who know the school, will know that you don't get onto Black level until you reach the junior school, a couple of years yet for this ace.

At the beginning of the evening, my mate's son, reads 'Lamb Rogan Josh' - pretty good for a Year 1. Later, I ask him to read the name of my curry (Chicken Balti), he says....
"Chicken B-al-tie"
to which i reply, "'s Chicken B-ol-tie"
Brimming with confidence he replies, "No! it's definitely 'Chicken B--al-tie', you've got a Scottish accent."

Well....actually, I haven't got a Scottish accent - but it was at this point I realised why he's such a good reader. If he has the confidence to challenge someone elses opinion, someone older and more experienced, he has the ability to challenge his own reading. Confidence is key in learning, if we haven't the confidence to challenge and enquire, we just become passive learners, and only as good as those around us. See also Confidence is key from my old blog.

I was stunned by his remark and just ate the rest of my curry :-)

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