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Filemaker 7

After months of speculation, Filemaker inc have announced the next version of their database application, Filemaker 7. As expected, Filemaker 7 dropped support for CDML (Claris Dynamic Markup Language) - now replaced by web standards XML and XSLT.

At last, Filemaker has created a proper database structure, where one database can contain many tables. Also, amongst it's revisions includes a better (graphical) interface to building relationships between tables.

Read more about Filemaker 7


Thanks for the comments you have made about my blog. I am gradually adding pictures - it all seems to take a long time though as I have to add titles and comments (as well as remembering what the photo was!).

I too am being bombarded with comments about various pills and stuff - very irritating . . .

Is there a means of changing the name of one's blog?


I don't think they should have dropped CDML...anyone else agree?

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