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Ouch... Nintendo Wii injuries

Whilst trawling the net for one of those cool Wii controllers to use on my Apple MacBook Pro, I stumbled across this site, Wii Have A Problem, which collates reports from Nintendo Wii users who have sustained injuries from playing with the new gaming consoles controller.

The site describes, with photos (!), some of the incidents. Just wondering how keen I still am.. ;-)

Best take care if you are fortunate to get one in the next few days.

By the way, has anyone found these controllers for the Apple Mac platform yet?


thats taking gaming a bit far isn't it....good to see they're still alive but damn, how can you fight the forces of evil with one eye? :)

obviously a,


Yes- i came across this the other day when following a link about Wii cables being replaced... all seem to be sports related injuries ...

So not injuries related to using the Wii controllers then as the site portrays?

I kinda figured that some of it could be plausible, although a bit extreme....

yea my bro was playin baseball on the we and happend to know the lamp over and crack that shade while make in to 60 watt light balbs burn out

to be honest all these injuries people are getting are all part of the fun, u kno wat i mean!? there absolutely quality, my dad even bought my mum one for christmas. merry christmas all

ouch. :P

ouch that must of hurt wot it fishin on zelda
lol thats the biggest eye bruise i ever saw lol

i ain't being rude but if there are injuries being caused by people's wii's, then it's their own kind of fault because they shouldn't be giving it their full-force when they are actually playing it. Their hands must have been getting sweaty or something. It does say to take a break. I really do not mean to be rude.

if ur stupid enough to let the remote go or too fat for the strap u deserve all u get... nuff said

ive had wii sports since yesterday and the muscle in my right arm... omg, its killing me, its taking hours to type this. tip: dont swing the bat in baseball too hard, or the racket in tennis. I won't be able to move my right arm for days because of that.

ouch ouch ouch is all i can say i played the wii sports tennis for a few hours the other day taking breaks and my right arm hurts like mad i fell like going to the doctors its that bad lol i would recomend a few stretching exercises now before u go doing this great game but u pay for it with pain

I’ve been thinking about getting a Wii for a little while now, I just can’t afford it with all the Christmas expenses, right now.There absolutely quality Wii , Hopefully

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