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Docking needn't be so hard: Lightning Adaptor anyone?


Despite being a through and through Apple fan, devotee, geek(!) I still feel slightly annoyed at the continual changing of cables and connectors, not least because of the sheer expense at replacing cables, connectors and the inconvenience of not having a wealth of the right cables at any given moment. Having recently upgraded my iPhone 5, I, of course, got heaps of 30-pin cables, which are of less use right now. Please form an orderly queue....

Then there are the devices that actually HAVE the 30-pin connector built right into them. I have an Alarm-Clock with the 30-pin iPhone dock connector and also a Phillips docking speaker system with the same connector. Not much can be done here other than use an adaptor. Not great, but a solution nevertheless.

It's not necessarily pretty either, but it does do the job. Sound quality is uninhibited and this is still an iPhone 5 charger too. My wife's iPhone 4 can still be used in the docking speaker as well. Maybe the best of both worlds?

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