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iPhone 5: a case in point


I'm thoroughly delighted with my new iPhone 5. I say new, but I've had it a whole month since the release date on 21st September. 

With previous iPhones, I've always maintained that to place this beautiful piece of kit inside a plastic case, would be like adding wrapping a Ferrari in bubblewrap, only to preserve the immaculate bodywork. Personally, an iPhone is an everyday device. It will get used, abused and scratched from time to time.

However, ever since dropping and smashing the rear cover of the iPhone 4, and having never really been able to replace the lens cover properly to provide outstanding photographs, I've been more hesitant than to just go 'au naturale'. Therefore I've plumped for a 'bumper' style case just to provide protection to the edges and the glass front face should the worst happen.

The Gear4 case is probably one of the sleekest available. It seems to blend in well with the original design. Not a bad choice for an iPhone 5 case.

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