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Google Job-bot... is there no end to Google's take over of the world?


...well maybe.

I've been following Tom Smith's article about Google over the past two days. Tom's blog entry today, More on Google's State of Mind is particularly poignant and talks about Google's software making judgements about blog sites and how kosher they are at being a genuine Adsense site.

I read this evening that Google is deploying a robot to scan job applications from prospective employees searching for a job at Google.

How long before that algorithm becomes common place? I hope, never.

The Register ends the article in its usual style of great humour....

If you have an amusing experience of Google's recruitment practices - successful or otherwise - share it with us here. We'll set our own robot on the replies, and pick out the ones whose opinions most closely resemble our own.

(Just kidding).


Absolutely not. It is just non-equilibrium thermodynamics doing its thing in an energy ..... Greens' functions are boring And so are Fourier transforms. .... And on the subject of teaching styles: "Proof left as an exercise for your supervisor. .... costing $100m in budget and just under $200m on final completion. ...
www.xs4all.nl/~jcdverha/scijokes/7.html - 103k - Cached - Similar pages -

Sometimes I swear I am not sure if I spelled my own name wrong or the switching of the letters were simply a consequence of the quantum computing cloud.

How's that for a take on the illogical woes of one attested to servitude amidst a techno-anti-accessible treatise?

Jan 3, 2007 ... Martin Michael Musatov. Sometimes I swear I am not sure if I spelled my own name wrong or the switching of the letters were simply a ...

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