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Learners as colleagues and masters of their own destiny...

I was delighted to read Patrick's latest blog entry this evening about how he had visited Horohoro School school in Rotoroa, New Zealand and observed teachers working with young children. Patrick's reflections of his visit made a really interesting read. I was warmed by this extract:

"It occurred to me that treating children as colleagues and masters of their own destiny helped them to become masters of their own learning, and as a result they were forming ideas about the reason for their learning beyond ‘the teacher told me to learn it’."

Patrick has managed to summarise the true effect of empowering learners with a sense of responsibility for their own learning and behaviour in a very powerful way. Often, I feel the term 'teacher' is now so dated and at odds with 21st Century learning that facilitators of learning seems somehow to fit more comfortably. Seeing the pupils as colleagues or co-learners is equally powerful and is something I very much believe.

Read more from Patrick's observations.

(Patrick Millwood is a 19 year old student who lives in the UK, but is currently visiting, working and holidaying in NZ)

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