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Cracker in full race mode at Skandia Cowes Week in 2007

This is the Cracker Team racing Stephen's IMX 40 yacht, Cracker, at the Cowes Week Regatta in August 2007. This is just a little clip showing our team in full race mode during one of the very competitive races amongst many professional teams.

Although most of the crew look like they are just sitting, they are in fact acting as 'useful' ballast to make the boat go even faster. Notice how the team don't all move until the very last moment before the tack takes place.

Stephen is not only the boat owner, but assumes the role as Helm. With a large race crew, (see pic below) it isn't uncommon for us to race with 11 crew members, each performing a very specific role including grinding, trimming, tactics, navigation, mast, pit, and foredeck. I'm the Port grinder seen here in the clip below.

Blue skies, warm weather, competitive racing, what more could you ask for?

Watch this little clip of us sailing, courtesy of Cowes.TV who are excellent at producing and broadcasting high quality video online from their website of all the major sailing events on the south coast.

Cracker in full race mode at the Skandia Cowes Week in 2007

Users will need to install QuickTime to view this video clip. Download the free version from the Apple QuickTime page.



WOW! Awesome.. I wished I lived near a lake or sea. :(

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