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Burning a Hole ...because everyone has their price

I've started thinking about about Christmas shopping - although, for some reason, rather early. As a family, we've long since supported the idea that we should buy each other presents and not spend more than an agreed amount on each other, which is an understanding rather than a rule or an expectation.

With this in mind, I now want to find items which are available for around that price. Enter Burning a Hole.

Burning a Hole is a site specifically designed for shoppers looking for items by price.

As the site says...

"It's a one pound shop, two pound shop, three pound shop"

"Like a shop but organised by price"

This is a brilliant site, and just like all of Tom Smith's work, appeals to how people actually think and work, rather than fitting into the way many e-commerce sites forces us to operate.

I love the way you can hack around with the URL to find the exact price bracket...

i.e. finds gifts priced between £18.50 and £22. Now I know people aren't likely to buy something for an exact amount, but I could see how something bought for £20 would mean I would consider items either side of that amount.

Maybe Tom could create a place for users to add a minimum and maximum price in two fields so they can customise their search? I love the buttons at the top... and even more the '£10,000' and '+' buttons. I've never really considered what's available for that sum of money, although now that I have, I quite fancy the Sub Orbital Space Flight - only £63,000 - maybe next year.

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