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Building Schools for the Future... Yorkshire and Humberside

A partnership between Yorkshire Culture, Sport England Yorkshire and Arts Council England, has led to the creation of a new website with lots of useful guides towards the Building Schools for the Future, (BSF) programme, launched by the DfES in 2005.

BSF-Culture hosts a variety of resources and aims to:

  • Strive for good quality and innovation in the design of school sport and arts facilities.
  • Promote joined up and strategic working within and across local authorities.
  • Encourage community access to school facilities and the growth and sustainability of community activity.
  • Ensure the benefits of cultural activity are understood by schools and local authorities, and are reflected in their education vision and school ethos.
  • Advocate consultation with young people, teachers, parents and the local community during the BSF process.
  • Represent the cultural sector, communicate opportunities and establish partnerships.

On the site are some case studies, design checklists, guidance about community use of schools, and support on how to obtain funding.

Any school leader who is just about to begin or is on a route along the BSF programme, should visit the site.

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