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Apple Remote Desktop 2 installation issues....



Hello Doug, I'm not sure about whether you can admin all the machines using one version of ARD - incompatible versions of Apple Remote Desktop is the part I least like. Why oh why did Apple develop a piece of software that wasn't backwards compatible with one that was only one version behind.. it makes no sense and gives systems administrators such as yourself no confidence in their software whatsoever.

Shame on you Apple. There aren't many instances when I think Apple have failed their user base, but this is one of them.

Depending on whether you simply want to just remote control other machines on your network, you may consider is diving out of Apple Remote Desktop Admin utility and use a VNC client, such as Chicken of the VNC. Granted it doesn't manage software packages on remote computers, it is only a screen sharing utility, but by far, more economical than ARD if all you want to do is screen share computers from time to time.

Anyone else had more experience with running multiple versions of Apple Remote Desktop on the same network?

Hi... do you have the Apple Remote Desktop 3 serial????

any serial number for apple remote desktop 3.0

Nope, sorry.... no serial numbers here...

hey everyone. i have apple remote desktop 3.1 and i entered my serial number in a long time ago. like last year. and it worked for a while. and then it just all of a sudden stopped. i think it might have been b/c of an update but the serial number i had doesnt work anymore with the updated version. do yall have any suggestions on what to do about this or how to fix it?


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