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Apple Macintosh 'Sleep' Keyboard Shortcut - Two Seconds to Sleep


I'm not usually one for keyboard shortcuts, apart from the basic ones, like Undo, Select All, Copy / Paste etc. I subscribe to Apple's 'Hot Tip' feed which explains how to send your Mac to sleep in just two seconds.

"Want the fastest way to put your Mac right into a deep, sleepy-bear hibernation-like sleep (no whirling fan, no dialogs, no sound — nuthin’ — just fast, glorious sleep). Just press Command-Option and then hold the Eject button for about 2 seconds and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It doesn’t get much faster than that."


so i tried the sleep shortcut and my comp went to sleep and then not even 5 seconds later, it woke back up.
do you know whats going on with it?

Maybe some program you have on woke it up..

It works for me if I press and hold Command and Option and then just give the Eject key a quick tap. Pressing and holding Eject causes the Mac to sleep and then wake right back up again.


works great for me. thanks

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