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AirPrint from Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad

AirPrint is the new technology that allows wireless printing from Apple iPads, iPhones and iPods.

However this is only available with AirPrint compatible printers of which there are few available at present. As with all new technologies, it's frustrating that perfectly capable devices are destined for the recycling centre just because they lack a particular feature.

AirPrint can be enabled on any printer as long as it's configured as a Shared Printer attached to a computer. 

In my case, a Mac Mini hosts my HP Deskjet printer on the local (wireless) network. 


Using AirPrintActivator software I can make AirPrint work seamlessly from iPads and iPhones running iOS 4.2. 

Download AirPrintActivator and simply run the application which modifies a single system file. For those worried about modifying key system files, the application allows the modification to be activated or deactivated at the click of a button. Perfect solution.












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