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a-JAYS headphones for tangle-free listening to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


These a-JAYS are unusual in that I wouldn't have chosen the brand ordinarily. I'd have opted for more familiar, bigger brands such as Sony, JVC etc.

However, I was completely taken by surprise at how brilliant the sound quality both in range and depth. These in-ear headphones are perfect size and help to block ambient sound leaving the purity of the sound resonating from the ear pieces.

Bass sounds were particularly delightful.

The cables running to each ear piece are fairly unique too. a-JAYS have opted for a wide flat cable to avoid horrid tangles. It seems to work too. There is nothing more frustrating than reaching for headphones only to spend a good couple of minutes untwisting and untangling cable. These really work and I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing another set in the future.

These headphones are perfect for listening to iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire. There are other Kindle Fire HD accessories...

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