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WWDC06 conference rapidly approaches 7-11th August


As we near the start of WWDC, the anticipation heightens as we await the announcements from Steve Jobs about new products and developments from the team at Apple computer.

What can we expect from Apple at this annual developers conference?

  • a preview of the new operating system, Leopard and maybe a release date.
  • a replacement system for the G5 Power Mac... sporting an Intel chip. Perhaps in a revised case.
  • announcement about production of an Intel XServe system.
  • a new consumer device, perhaps the iPhone, or revised iPod Video with wireless / bluetooth technology.
  • some home entertainment / telephony (Voice over IP) enhancements for the whole range.

So when is it?

Look out for the keynote presentation starting on Monday 7th August at 6pm GMT or if you live in other parts of the world:

10:00AM - Pacific
11:00AM - Mountain
12:00PM - Central
1:00PM - Eastern
7:00PM - Paris
2:00AM - Tokyo (August 8th)

Apple usually streams a recorded keynote presentation for people to watch after the event, so keep your eyes open on the Apple site.

During the keynote, I usually read a text based transcript provided by the MacNN site.


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